At a glance:

  • What: web3 on-chain payment platform with native UTK token

  • When: Live on Ethereum 2017, Migration to MultiversX 2022

  • How: Ecommerce and invoicing solutions, instant settlements in fiat and stablecoin

  • Meant for:

    • Merchants (+15.000 installed)

    • Buyers (+250.000 have paid)

    • Individuals (Freelancers, Sole traders)

    • Government (e.g. Lugano)

    • Anyone else interested in expanding their business globally

  • Highlights:

    • Payment widget with seamless integrations

      • There are three ways to get Utrust integrated with your store:

    • Utrust Invoicing solution

      • Request and accept crypto payments from anywhere in the world, instantly getting paid in cash in your bank account.

    • API

      • The Stores API which uses an API Key as authentication and provides endpoints to be used by plugins or other integrations with your store. In addition to the API Key we provide a Webhooks Secret used to sign the webhook responses to the payments progress. That Webhook Secret is essential to ensure the payment progress is not spoofed by a third party.

      • The Merchants API is composed of all the endpoints we use to power our Merchant dashboard. They are public so that you can integrate with your own system as you please, but we do recommend using our dashboard as much as possible, as we'll be sure to keep it up to date and as useful as possible.

    • Powered by MultiversX blockchain technology

    • Wallet agnostic

      • Our platform works with all crypto wallets available on the market to give your customers unrestricted access to your business.

    • Cryptocurrencies accepted


      • Support for Polygon and Lightning Network.

    • Settlements in Fiat and Crypto: EUR, RON, CHF, USDT and USDC.

What is Utrust

Utrust, powered by MultiversX (Previously Elrond Network), is the payment gateway that makes it seamless and safe for all businesses to accept crypto payments. With an invoicing solution, a ready-to-be integrated API, and plugins for all major e-commerce platforms, Utrust allows businesses around the world to embrace all the advantages of Bitcoin, Ethereum, eGold and others, while settling in the currency of their choice.

How is Utrust different?

Utrust has a track record of repute, providing seamless payments since 2017 to tens of thousands of merchants all over the globe unfailingly.

Our solution is on-chain and decentralized, respecting the principles laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto in his original Bitcoin whitepaper. We charge no fees for transfers outside of our 1% flat fee, regardless of where you are or what currencies you choose to pay with. Utrust offers merchants full protection from the volatility of the market while providing buyers with a secure and reliable gateway.

Utrust also has a token, UTK, that will soon be empowered with a merchant yield utility that will allow merchants to turn their payment processing fees from a cost to a profit.

Roadmap and current status

Latest important achievements:

  • Onboarded merchant #15.000

  • Completed payment for user #250.000

  • Launched UTK2.0

  • Joined MultiversX

  • Launched invoicing solution

  • Integrated all major ecommerce platforms

Product Updates

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