Metastaking is an innovation that is unique to the xPortal DEX. It combines token staking, liquidity providing and yield farming into a single product that allows you to experience all of their advantages at once.

It works in three stages:

First level: provide liquidity to the UTK/EGLD pair

In the xPortal DEX, go to the LIQUIDITY section, and head to the Active Pools tab where you can find the UTK/EGLD pool. You can then select the amount you want to deposit into the pool by clicking the “+ Add” button. In exchange you will get LP tokens representing your share of the pool itself.

This will get you reward number one:

🔸 LP fees

Second level: Stake your EGLDUTK LP tokens in the Farm

Remember those LP tokens you got as proof you provided liquidity? You can use them to farm. In the “FARMS'' section of the xPortal DEX, you can stake those LP tokens and get MEX or LKMEX in return, which is reward number two:

🔸 MEX/LKMEX Farm rewards

Third level: Metastaking rewards

Whether you’ve decided to receive MEX or LKMEX as rewards, you’ll get farming tokens in return.

You can stake these farming tokens on the METASTAKING section for a third kind of reward:

🔸 UTK Metastaking rewards

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