Reminder: If your funds are on MultiversX, you don’t need to do anything.

You can simply select to withdraw your UTK balance to the MultiversX Network on the Binance withdrawal page.

When you are withdrawing, just make sure you select the MultiversX eGold network, and you’re done.

Wherever your funds are, if you transfer them to Binance, you can do this as well.

First step: Get a Metamask wallet (if you don’t have one already)

If your funds are not on Binance and you don’t want Binance to do this automatically, the first thing you need to make sure of is that you have your UTK in a Metamask wallet. If you have your funds in a custodial wallet, an exchange (other than Binance), our own HOLD app or anywhere else, you will have to move them to Metamask first.

Second step: Set up your xPortal App account (if you don’t have one already)

The second step is, of course, to ensure you have the xPortal app ready to receive your ESDT tokens.

This is super simple, just click the link here and follow the instructions.

Third step: Bridge bridge bridge

The bridge itself is very simple:


  • Select “Ethereum” from the drop menu marked “FROM”;

  • Select “MultiversX” from the drop menu opposite, marked “TO”;

  • Select “UTK” as your asset;

  • Enter the amount you want to transfer (double check this is correct);

  • Click the “Connect source wallet” button;

    • Sign into the Metamask wallet where you have your UTK;

    • Sign into the xPortal app account where you want to receive the bridged UTK;

  • Click the "Confirm Swap" button;

  • Click "Confirm" on the popup you will see on your Metamask app;

  • Wait for the Ethereum TX to process;

  • Click confirm on the second Metamask popup (yes, there will be two);

  • Wait for the Ethereum TX to process;

  • Done!

The executed/ pending bridge transactions can be found in the “Explorer Swaps” section. You can just search for your Ethereum/MultiversX address or tx hash.

NOTE: You can revert this process by swapping the fields marked “FROM” and “TO”.

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