First Steps

  • Sign up for an account for our platform here.

  • Integration. Depending on if you're using a custom website or a plugin such as woocomerce for example, you may find all the information in regards to our several integrations here - and also under “Integrations' ' on your merchant dashboard. Choose the one you prefer, and the steps will be available for you.

  • Fill in the KYB information for fiat settlements. A banner to proceed with it is available at the bottom of your dedicated merchant dashboard

And at this stage, you're ready to accept crypto payments, business as usual! ✔️


For any doubts you may have our support page is available here in which we also have on the bottom right corner an intercom chat in case you wish to speak with us at any time.

Also available on your merchant dashboard. 💥

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fee for the service: We charge a 1% fee on each transaction you process, with no hidden fees.

When do settlements occur: As a default settlements are monthly and processed straight to your bank account in the fiat currency of your choice (EUR, GBP, RON (Sepa), UDST or USDC) depending on your monthly volume it may as well be processed weekly. If after the first month you believe to have processed sufficient volume to be considered weekly, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What if my integration isn’t available: Feel free to leave the feedback through one of the chats to us, as we’re always looking into expanding our options, and we’ll be sure to take your feedback in!

What are the currencies available for my buyers: As of now buyers can choose to pay between BTC / ETH / Dash / USDT / USDC / UTK_ESDT and eGLD, and these are the default currencies that will appear to your buyers who choose Utrust on the checkout.

Cheers and let’s grow together! 🌳

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