With our system you can send an invoice with a payment link and we take care of anything crypto. Receive your settlement in fiat currency straight to your bank account! In either EUR/USD or GBP, all of this, for a 1% fee in each transaction 😎

First steps to get you started on your first invoice

  • Head over to this link and start your registration process;

  • On your merchant dashboard, head to “Payments” on the left side, and select “Invoice” on top;

  • On the top right corner, select “New Invoice”;

  • In this step fill the buyer information, mainly the email to where the invoice will be sent, and also the amount you wish to charge the buyer in fiat;

  • From this point, we take care of everything. We will convert the value you wish to get paid into crypto, the customer will be able to select from BTC / ETH / Dash / USDT or UTK to pay for the invoice, and we will deal with anything crypto for you.

The last step is to complete KYB, on the banner that appears on the bottom of your merchant dashboard, to be sure we can swiftly settle the value of your invoices straight into your bank account, in either USD/EUR or GBP. ✔️


For any doubts you may have our support page is available here in which we also have on the bottom right corner an intercom chat in case you wish to speak with us at any time. Also available on your merchant dashboard. 💥

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fee charged: We charge a 1% fee on each transaction you process, no hidden fees.

When do settlements occur: As a default settlements are monthly and processed straight to your bank account in the fiat currency of your choice (USD/EUR/GBP) depending on your monthly volume it may as well be processed weekly. If after the first month you believe to have processed sufficient volume to be considered to weekly, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the currencies available for my buyers: As of now buyers can choose to pay between BTC / ETH / Dash / USDT and UTK, and these are the default currencies that will appear to your buyers who choose Utrust on the checkout.

Cheers and let’s grow together! 🌳

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