Tips for a successful payment when using an exchange:

  • Consider withdrawal fees.

When withdrawing from an exchange, withdrawal fees might be applied to the amount that you are withdrawing, please make sure that the final amount that you will be sending isn't less (due to the fee) than the one requested for the order, or it will result on an underpayment.

Always confirm the final value that it will be sent matches the one requested for the order, before proceeding with the withdrawal.

  • Exchanges may take some time to process your withdrawal.

When you try to pay through an exchange, your transaction may suffer additional delays. This could mean that your payment will not reach us in time. If we are not able to detect your transaction within 1 hour and confirm it within 2:30 hours, a refund will be automatically triggered.

Note: If another network or currency is used, the funds will be permanently lost.

When in doubt, we're always here to help!

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