We have never thought of digital currencies as mere investments. They are the money of the future, and they should be employed as such. We want people to use our token, to make it a part of their day-to-day lives and spending habits.

So we will reward you for using digital currencies, not holding them.

  • Earn UTK by using our system

Every single trade you make with our platform (using any currency) will unlock a reward of 1% of its open market value. The 1% reward will be bought from the open markets and added to your staking pot. This will work whether you are trading or in the future, making a purchase with our ever-growing roster of merchants. Instead of keeping the tokens in circulation, we are decreasing the circulating supply by adding UTK sourced from the open markets to your locked staking pot. This means deflation.

  • There will be tiers to this, so you can manage your own experience:

Tier 1 — You will need to stake 1000 UTKs to get access. After this, you’ll get 1% back in each trade done in the app, which will go into your pool of rewards. After six months, that pool will be unlocked, and you’ll be free to use it. Just don’t do it sooner, or your rewards will go up in flames!

Tier 2 — This is coming later, but it has special perks. You’ll get all the same benefits plus higher rewards in trading and payments. You’ll also get a metal VISA card linked to your wallet.

Want to learn how to start staking? Head out here!

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