An Underpayment occurs when you send less than the full amount required to mark the order as paid. Since the order is not fully paid or complete, the funds are not sent to the merchant. These are the possible outcomes:

Successful Order - It’s when you complete the order’s missing amount. In order for this to happen, the first transaction has to be detected within 1 hour and, in addition, the subsequent transactions must be confirmed within 2:30 hours after the payment process is initiated.

Canceled Order - It's when the buyer clicks on the "Cancel" button or when the transaction or any of the following transactions are detected after the 1-hour deadline and/or confirmed after the 2:30 hours deadline after the payment process is initiated.

Utrust will send you an email notification a few moments after the Order being Cancelled, explaining the refund process and asking you to provide the address to where Utrust can send the refund.

Within 24 hours, if more transactions are detected,, all confirmed transactions will be refunded individually (initiated after the confirmation of each transaction)

Once the refund is completed, Utrust will notify you.

If you find any issue, do let us know! 😄

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